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While classes are free, registration is required.

Please contact us at (847) 410-9719 for registration. 

NAMI Basics is a free, 6-week education program for parents and family caregivers of children and teens who are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness or who have already been diagnosed.  You will learn the facts about mental health conditions and how best to support your child at home, at school and when they are getting medical care.  The class provides critical strategies for taking care of your child and  learning the ropes of recovery.

Next Class Scheduled: TBD

NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 12-week education program open those who live or know someone living with a mental illness.  It is a designated evidenced-based program. Research shows that the program significantly improves the coping and problem-solving abilities of the people closest to an individual living with a mental health condition.

Next Class Scheduled: Spring 2019


To Register (Required), please call 847-410-9719